The Benefits of Burning Candles

The Benefits of Burning Candles

At Mino Pinna, we feel there is nothing more relaxing than watching the gentle flickering of a candle flame. Candlelight can instantly calm and soothe oneself, and create an atmosphere of your choosing. So, depending on what mood you are in, you may wish to energise yourself with our Eucalyptus, bring some sunshine to your day with our Sardegna, or to be at peace with our Frankincense.

We only work with high quality essential oils, and when these essential oils are used in candles, they provide the benefits of their essential oil properties, such as lavender helping to relax and unwind, and promote sleep. The benefits of essential oils are extensive and we have listed a few of the benefits from each candle in our range, within the description of the candle in our online shop:

We also love the fact that smells can be linked to memories. So when we burn our favourite candle and relax, our brains naturally link relaxing with that scent. So the next time we want to relax, burning that same scent might just help us relax a little more easily. What a lovely thought! And when travelling, our little travel size candles can turn any space, anywhere in the world, into your sanctuary. You can feel at home anywhere, with your favourite scent burning.

Candles really have evolved over the thousands of years we have been using them, to be a lot more than just a giver of light. Now, it's time to light a candle...


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