Who We Are

Mino Pinna was born in Sardinia, Italy, and moved to Scotland 19 years ago. Since moving, he has learned the language, adopted the culture and created a wonderful family with his wife Angelica. In recent years, Mino has devoted himself, and used all of his Italian passion, to create Mino Pinna. Drawn from his exceptional eye for detail and design, and experience in graphics and web design, and through love, passion, inspiration and belief, in 2014 Mino started to practice the art of wax alchemy. Through experimenting for years with a multitude of waxes, oils and wicks; he discovered 'the perfect formula', and Mino Pinna the company was born. 

At Mino Pinna, we are passionate about luxury, natural, hand crafted products; always created with an eye for design. What makes Mino Pinna truly unique is something which is often lost as companies grow larger, and that is the personal touch. Mino personally hand blends each and every item, in Scotland, from start to finish; with love and genuine Italian passion; using only the finest natural ingredients, such as soy wax and pure essential oils.

Meet The Team

mino pinna

Mino Pinna

Founder & Creative Director

Angelica Pinna

Angelica Pinna

Sales Coordinator