Cipresso e Mandarino Luxury Candle

Cipresso e Mandarino Luxury Candle

Cipresso e Mandarino Luxury Candle

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Cipresso e Mandarino Luxury Candle

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Product Description

With its crisp, woody aroma, complimented by a hint of the uplifting and sensual mandarin, our newest addition 'Cipresso e Mandarino'/‘Cypress & Mandarin’ is a luxurious winter wonderland, perfectly blended to encapsulate the fabulously festive scents of Christmas.

Product Info

  • Fragrance Notes: Cipresso e Mandarino/Cypress & Mandarin

  • Weight: 220g / 7.7 oz

  • Wax: Soy wax

  • Wick: Cotton wick

  • Burn Time: Up to 50 hours

Candle Care

  • 1. The first time you burn your Mino Pinna candle, burn it until the surface of the candle creates a melt pool, it can take up to 2/3 hours. This will allow an even burn.

  • 2. Trim the wick when required. The ideal wick length is 1/4” or 6mm.

  • 3. After burning, if required, gently realign the wick by returning it to the centre.

  • 4. For your safety, never leave candles unattended and keep out of the way of children and pets.

  • 5. Keep candles free from drafts to ensure an even burn.

  • 6. Ensure your candle is on an appropriate surface, as the bottom of the candle will heat up, and in an area that is free from flammable items.

Cipresso e Mandarino Luxury Candle

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